Meanings of Membership

“We human beings are a part of many communities.  We need one – our freely covenanted church community – in which our purpose is to be reminded of and to take account of the promising character of human beings in the widest possible sense, that we may answer the summons, the call of all that is holy to live with authenticity and integrity and joy and resolve.”

– Alice Blair Wesley

Our congregation is the place where we promise—and then live out that promise—to explore robustly and practice faithfully what it means to be alive.  Since each human life can only be fully understood within the context of the interdependent web of all life, we look to each other and form community to keep ourselves honest.

 Joining a congregation is making that promise. 

It is saying to the community: I join with you in living this partnership. I am committed.

It affirms your experience of our Unitarian Universalist good news—that all are worthy of love and belonging, and that we are all connected—all life is one.

Joining this congregation asks to be held accountable by the community, to being your best self.  And it invites you to hold us accountable too.  Joining acknowledges and honors our living history,  empowers your claim to the gifts of our Unitarian Universalist tradition,  and enables you as a creator of our shared future, and honors the ways we are already changed by our relationship.

Joining our congregation is making the promise of walking together. 

  • A few practical benefits of membership
    • By joining the congregation, you will be able to serve in all elected leadership roles, vote in congregational meetings, including to call a minister and participate fully in the creation of our future.  You also will receive a quarterly copy of the UU World, the magazine published by the UUA.  Your ministers will be available to officiate at life rituals of weddings, civil unions and memorials, and you will officially declare to yourself and to this community your full participation in our shared community.

To experience the full promise of your membership, we invite you to engage all 5 Practices of a Meaningful Membership.  

Are you considering membership? Please be sure to sign up for our next Base Camp Newcomer’s Class.