Children & Youth

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Children & Youth

Our Unitarian Universalist religious education is grounded in nurturing our children and youth. We give them the building blocks with which to form their own beliefs rather than indoctrinating them into a system of thought. As Unitarian minister William Ellery Channing said in the early eighteen hundreds, “The great end of religious instruction is not to stamp our minds irresistibly upon the young but to stir up their own [minds].”

Through our religious education, we offer children and youth information and support to:

  • Feel grounded in a caring religious community with a foundation of love, kindness, and good works.
  • Discover and explore their own spiritual beliefs. To know that a diversity of beliefs and questions are welcomed and their spiritual beliefs may change as they grow.
  • Develop spiritual tools  to help them navigate life’s challenges
  • Help in expressing their Unitarian Universalist religious identity
  • Information on our Unitarian Universalist heritage
  • Support in developing and living by their own values and ethical codes
  • Develop knowlege and understanding of other religions, and to draw on them as sources of wisdom

Our programs for middle school and high school are focused on fostering leadership and spirituality with youth, and building communities wherein all youth are affirmed, empowered, and spiritually nourished.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]