Adult Religious Exploration

growAdult Religious Exploration Program

Spiritual growth and the search for meaning are a lifelong commitment for Unitarian Universalists. It’s right there in our 3rd and 4th Principles. We believe we – and the world – are all a work-in-progress, and it’s our responsibility to co-create life of greater love and justice for all.

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As with most things in Unitarian Universalism, we affirm the individual journey as walked in community – we are growing together.

We invite everyone to engage fully in this journey – to find the class, or small group or spiritual practice that works for you – and to engage in the area that speaks to your deepest questions and life stage.  In order to make sure you are aware of all of our opportunities, we present them here in two ways – first, based in their content; and second based in the type of offering.

Religious Exploration Offerings for Winter Spring 2016

  • First Steps – Ideal ways for those who are new, feel new, or are wanting to re-new in their connection with the congregation to begin to make those first connections
  • Small Groups – We practice our Unitarian Universalism through connecting across small groups of deep listening and sharing. Groups may be open-ended or with a set end date. They may gather around a life stage or shared interest, or they may be an intentionally diverse group. Groups are always facilitated by someone trained and supported by our ministers.
  • Classes and Programs – As a part of our shared ongoing search for truth and meaning, we offer a variety of classes exploring faith, religion and spirituality, grounded in Unitarian Universalist tradition, theology and values.
  • Spiritual Practices – We offer a variety of ongoing spiritual practices as well as one-time in-depth workshops.  We invite everyone to find the practice that allows them to connect more fully with the holy in themselves, one another, and the world.

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