A Year of Intentional Deepening

Do you feel like you have hit a plateau in your spiritual journey? You’re not alone. Wellspring invites you to take an intentional year of soul deepening practices.  Wellspring cohorts being in the August through May each year.

What is Wellspring?

Wellspring is a yearlong small group experience focused on spiritual deepening. At its heart are five interlocking practices that act as invitations to depth.

  1. A commitment to daily spiritual practice
  2. Participation in a twice a month small group gathering
  3. Individual work with a spiritual director
  4. Weekly Readings and resources for knowledge and reflection
  5. Reflection and commitment to live out our values in the work

Who should apply?

You should consider applying to Wellspring if you are…

  • Actively involved in Foothills for a while or have been Unitarian Universalist elsewhere
  • Yearning for more intentionally reflect on spiritual questions in our faith, engage in spiritual practices, and find a deeper spiritual life
  • Already are or have been part of a church small group or volunteering in some capacity at Foothills

Why is there an application process?

Wellspring is an intensive experience which needs a more intentional process to assess readiness and commitment. Because of limited space we want to prioritize leaders who may feel like they have ‘done it all at church’ or need a sabbatical year from ‘church work’.

Click HERE to learn more about our 2021/2022 Wellspring: Antiracist Practice Group.

Wellspring is a nine-month deep dive into the six sources of Unitarian Universalism and an opportunity to plumb their depths for what they might mean for our own spiritual journeys. This year, because of Wellspring, I have attended vigils for reproductive justice, I have asked myself who is my neighbor, I finally volunteered for Faith Family Hospitality, I have looked into the faces of homeless men and smiled, and I have prayed. A lot.

Karen Harder, Wellspring Participant & Facilitator 

Wellspring has provided an opportunity for me to grapple with and consider who I am as a spiritual being.  I began the class, preparing myself for tedious reading and  stressful stolen moments to complete the biweekly homework assignments.  What I found was deep enrichment and growth from various religious practices; more clearly defining my own and sharing my thoughts with a small trusted community.  It has opened up parts of my life that have needed tending, and allowed me to share some of those parts and pieces in a very safe and authentic way.

Cheryl Hazlitt, Wellspring Participant

Wellspring is one of the best programs I’ve participated in during my 15 years at Foothills.  One of the first steps in the Wellspring program is to find a spiritual practice you can commit to on a daily basis. Your Wellspring group members support your intentional spiritual practice and explore with you how UU history and theology and wisdom from other religions can enrich your life and connect you to your true self.  This program is a gift.

Joan Woodbury, Wellspring Participant

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