Beloved grownups, whether your children have just gotten their COVID-19 vaccinations, or have an appointment coming up soon, we offer you a blessing for this important moment. Follow along with the video, or read the words below together. 

Spirit of life, be with us as these children receive their vaccines. We know the shot hurts for a quick second, but that’s not the only thing we feel.

Kids, you can repeat each line that starts with “May I” after us, and we’ll reply to you with words of blessing.

Grownup: May I feel grateful. 

Kid: May I feel grateful. 

Grownup: We are so thankful for all the scientists, nurses, doctors, and helpful smart people whose work made this vaccine possible. Their hard work is helping you, right now. 

Grownup: May I feel connected. 

Kid: May I feel connected. 

Grownup: Your family, your church, and your community are with you, and you are with them.

Grownup: May I feel capable and proud. 

Kid: May I feel capable and proud. 

Grownup: When you get this shot, you become part of a circle of safety, health, and care around others. Your vaccine helps all of us!

Grownup: May I feel confident and strong.  

Kid: May I feel confident and strong. 

Grownup: New molecules within you are working hard to supercharge your amazing body. 

Grownup: May I feel patient. 

Kid: May I feel patient.

Grownup: The wonders of science will be busy inside your body, and their work takes time (sometimes 6 whole weeks of time!). It’s not time to throw out our masks and hand sanitizer yet.  You’ve got this.

Grownup: May I feel open-hearted. 

Kid: May I feel open-hearted. 

Grownup: You have felt so much frustration, worry, hope, anger, gratefulness, and joy over the last year and a half. We are holding these big feelings with you, and we can keep feeling everything we need to feel, together.

Grownup: May I feel loved. 

Kid: May I feel loved. 

Grownup: When you say yes to this shot, you are saying yes to love for yourself and everyone. 

Grownup: Happy vaccination day! We love you!”

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