Climate Justice

Enlivened by our Seventh Principle’s respect for the interdependent web of life, the Foothills Climate Justice Ministry believe the climate emergency must be addressed to safeguard both human existence and the natural world.  We work to connect the Foothills UU community with the ecological web, build intersectional partnerships within and beyond Foothills, and pursue Green Sanctuary 2030, a UUA certification to bring our congregational culture into greater alignment through regenerative practices highlighting climate justice, resilience and mitigation.


The Foothills Climate Justice Ministry acknowledges, with respect, that the land we are on today are the traditional and ancestral homelands of the Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Ute Nations and peoples. This was also a site of trade, gathering, and healing for numerous other Native tribes. We recognize the Indigenous peoples as original stewards of this land and all the relatives within it. As these words of acknowledgment are spoken and heard, the ties Nations have to their traditional homelands are renewed and reaffirmed. May our climate justice and specifically our Green Sanctuary efforts recognize an inclusive history, and help affirm our current responsibility and commitment to healing and a shared future of beauty for all.

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