As a member/friend of Foothills Unitarian Church, we would like to include your household in our online directory!

In our directory, you can select which information you want to share. You also have the option to only include some members of your household in the directory.

Step-by-step guide (with screenshots) for joining the directory:

1. Open or Install the Church Center App: If you haven’t already installed the Church Center app (see picture of app icon), please do so now. The app will prompt you to find Foothills Unitarian as your church. If you need assistance installing the app, we are here for you! Please email and someone will be in touch soon to help!

2. Navigate to “More:” Click three small circles and the word “more” in the lower right corner.

3. Navigate to the Foothills Directory: Click Foothills Directory. If you do not have access to the directory, please email Once you receive a directory invitation via email, proceed with Step 4.

4. Share your information in the Directory by clicking “Share now” at the bottom of the screen. (If the “Share now” button does not appear, your directory profile is already set up. To update your profile, proceed to Step 7.)

5. Follow the instructions provided in the Church Center app to select the information you would like to share in the directory. (Be sure to scroll all the way down to make selections for all members of your household.) 

6. Click “Share in the upper right corner after you have made your selections. If you need assistance with this part, please email

Yay! You are now part of the church directory! To learn how to update your information, see Step 7.

7. Update your information or photo in the directory.

  1. Open the Church Center App (see steps 1-2) and click the photo circle in the upper right corner.
  2. Under “Hello, your name!” click “My profile and settings.”
  3. Click “Directory profile.” (The third option under your name.)
  4. Change your picture by clicking the photo circle at the top of the page. Change information by clicking on each info box you want to change – e.g. Name, Mobile #, Address, etc.

We are so excited about our new directory and the connections it will encourage – thank you all for participating.


The Foothills Directory Team

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