Homelessness Ministry

Faith Family Hospitality 

Working with our partner, Congregation Har Shalom, we provide housing and meals for up to four families experiencing homelessness for a week, four times a year.
The next hosting at Foothills is January 15 to 22.
Families arrive about 5 pm, have their own room in the lower level of the RE building, are served dinner and breakfast. Families leave about 7 am each day. During the day families have access to the FFH Day Center (with shower & laundry facilities) at 300 Oak Street downtown.
It takes about 40 volunteers to help out each time we host. Two families work together to prepare each night’s dinner, evening hosts assist families, overnight hosts actually sleep at the church and serve a continental breakfast to families in the morning. In addition we need help from 3-5 pm on Sunday to set up and make beds and from 6-8 am on the last Sunday to take everything down and return rooms to the ready for RE classes. Children are always welcome to participate with their parents!
About a month before we host we will open a SignUp Genius site and publicize the link in the EXTRA and Order of Service – sign up early if you want to do dinner!  Emails are sent directly from the site to those on our email list. If you’d like to add your families name to the list or have questions contact: Sue Ferguson   sueferguson7@gmail.com
The Faith Family Hospitality day center provides guest families and those on the FFH waiting list with a safe place during the day; access to computers, showers, laundry facilitates, a kitchen and case management help in moving to self sufficiency. Open from 9 am to 4 pm the center is in need of volunteers – if you can help sign up now http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0549a9ab28a31-daycenter
Schedule for 2017
January 15 to 22
April 9 to 16
July 9 to 16
Dec 24 to 31

One Village One Family 

What is the One Village One Family (OVOF) program?

The OVOF program was developed to empower homeless families to regain stability, secure permanent housing, and achieve self-sufficiency. In Fort Collins, a total of 13 Villages have been trained (five are from Foothills Unitarian Church), seven families (18 children) have been placed with Villages (two are Foothills Villages), and five placed families (11 children) are now in housing (one from Foothills). Families are referred to the OVOF program through The Matthews House, Faith Family Hospitality, The Family Center, The Fort Collins Housing Authority, Catholic Charities, the PSD/McKinney Vento Program, and Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N). They are carefully screened to ensure they meet OVOF eligibility criteria related to such things as motivation, income stability, and commitment to the mentoring process offered by OVOF Villages.

What does it mean that Foothills Unitarian Church has a partnership with Homeless Gear?

A few short months ago, Foothills Unitarian Church decided to become engaged in the OVOF program. A total of 29 Foothills members have volunteered and been trained to become members of five Villages – no other church or civic group has responded to this need with such numbers. Over the next several months, families will gradually be placed with each of our Villages and the Villages will meet with their families and mentor them over a 6-7 month period. Our long term plan is to develop new Foothills Villages and maintain our ongoing involvement in the OVOF program. This means that we will be recruiting and training new Foothills volunteers every year.

How can you help support the Foothills–OVOF partnership?

 Make a cash donation to the Foothills OVOF fund — Each Village (groups of 4-6 people) must raise $1500 each so that they can help support the family by contributing to the first month’s rent and the security deposit. That amounts to $7500 for our five families. These monies are always paid directly to the landlord, never to the family.

 Offer your expert services to families — It is not uncommon that families are in need of tires, car repairs, legal services, counseling, etc. If you have skills that you are willing to share them (at no or reduced costs) with our families, please contact Elizabeth Sink (Elizabeth.Sink@Colostate.edu).

 Be prepared to donate furniture, kitchenware, and other household items — Such donations must be made on a “when needed basis” (Foothills has no place to store them). Again, if you have things that you would be willing to donate, please contact Elizabeth Sink (Elizabeth.Sink@Colostate.edu).

 Consider making a rental property that you might own available to OVOF families — We all are aware of the low vacancy rate for rental properties in Fort Collins, and the lack of properties becomes even more acute when we consider affordable two or three bedroom rental units at or below $1000.

Where can you find more information about the OVOF program?

The best place to learn more about the OVOF program is the Homeless Gear website. Choose the Programs tab and select One Village One Family or go to http://homelessgear.org/ovof/.