Live Streaming Services:

Sundays 8:30, 10:00, 11:30 am MST

We, the members of Foothills Unitarian Church, commit to create and sustain a healthy, vibrant religious community where:

    1. Foothills is at the center of the lives of its people, providing abundant opportunities for relationships across differences that provide joy, care, and belonging for all.
    2. We are actively engaged in a process of lifelong spiritual deepening that allows us to live lives of meaning and purpose in a world that needs our Unitarian Universalism.
    3. We understand that being a part of Foothills requires us to give abundantly of our time, and this deepening involvement helps us to identify and grow our individual gifts.
    4. We each give generously and gratefully of our financial resources in ways that foster a deep ownership of the impactful work we support.
    5. We recognize and dismantle prejudice and oppression in all their forms, including within ourselves, allowing us to be more effective and trusted partners to marginalized communities in Northern Colorado and beyond.
    6. Foothills is the leader in Northern Colorado in developing sustainable, innovative, intersectional approaches to caring for our earth and its people to ensure a greater flourishing of all life.
    7. We do the work to make Unitarian Universalism accessible to all in Northern Colorado.

Our Values

Our congregation is guided by our shared values and vision:

Joyful Resilience
Collective Courage
Deepening Belonging
Transcendent Wonder

Our Mission

Foothills Unitarian Church
unleashes courageous love in Northern Colorado and beyond
by embracing our diversity,
growing our faith,
and awakening our spirits to the unfolding meaning of this life.