Five Practices of a Meaningful Membership

Ours is a free faith – which means each opportunity is yours to choose.  At the same time, while you are welcome to simply show up whenever and however, the full blessing of our faith and our community become more possible and available when you engage more fully with the ministries of our church.

As a result, we invite you to our 5 Practices of a Meaningful Membership.  These practices are an invitation to a path of membership that transforms and liberates both yourself and our world

Worship Liberally: Gather regularly with our full community to celebrate the spirit of life, to grieve our struggles, to hear a call to a greater love and to gain the strength to act in partnership.

Connect in Community: Build relationships with others both at your same stage of life, as well as across the generations, through social connections and small groups; and give and receive care during life’s transitions.

Grow in Spirit: Commit to a lifelong practice of spiritual growth through participation in our lifespan religious exploration classes and small groups.

Serve in Partnership:  Serve both within and beyond the congregation with others who share our values – prioritizing relationship and the model of servant leadership, transforming our world as we transform ourselves.

Give in Gratitude: Practice generosity in recognition of the ways all life is a gift; make a generous pledge to our church as well as a generous offering to our Share the Plate offering, share your time and a willing spirit, all so that together we may further the reach of love.