Climate Justice

“Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”

Our seventh UU principle calls us to tend to walk gently on the earth and to help move this world towards greater stewardship of our resources. The Climate Justice Team calls all those who would like to help us become a congregation that demonstrates stewardship of our earth in everything it does. We recognize that the least empowered people and the most vulnerable living species within our interconnected web of life are the first to be affected by climate change and environmental abuse caused by the lifestyle of the privileged. UU’s are called to address climate justice.

Our very well attended Climate Justice Retreat on August 27, 2017 resulted in three interconnected working groups:

  1. Legislative Action to support the efforts of our lawmakers
  2. Education to inspire and encourage positive action within our congregation
  3. Green Sanctuary Exploration to understand what is involved in becoming a designated UU Green Sanctuary.

All three groups welcome new members. Please contact Peg MacMorris (, Judy Gates ( or any ot”her member of the team to be connected.

Partnership with Community Organizations

Here are a few of our community partners in our work for environmental justice – we encourage community members to connect with them directly, and then join us for our small group reflection circle to share what these experiences ask of you, and how they relate with a spiritual path.

Community Garden & Education Project This group seeks to build community around an organic garden planted on church grounds; they teach sustainability, sell and donate the produce they raise. Contact: Janet Brubaker