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Foothills Response

Courageous Love in the Time of Pandemic 

Our grounding and unrelenting commitment is to the call of courageous love.

This page will provide an overview of the different ways we are responding, as well as resource links.

For now, our building is closed and we have moved all of our operations online.  We are still answering the phone, so you can reach out by phone or email.

To help us stay connected and care for one another, please complete this form for your household.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Online Worship

  1. At 9:00 am, we offer a zoom-based service. Click here to join us.
    • Zoom is a simple one-click video conferencing application that will allow us to connect personally, including with some small group breakout sessions. If zoom is new to you, check out these Instructions or contact techhelp@foothillsuu.org
  2. At 10:15, we offer a live Kids Check In on Zoom Parents and Kids – Click here to join us.
    • A 30-minute gathering similar to our Sunday Small Groups for kids with a Chalice Lighting, Check in Circle and playing a game together!
  3. At 11:00 am, we offer a Facebook Live, Roku, Apple TV, & FireTV and Foothills website livestream broadcast edited version of the 9:00 zoom service. Click here to join us on Facebook. And here for the website.
    • Facebook Live doesn’t allow for face to face interaction, but our staff and ministry team will be hanging out in the Facebook chat throughout the live broadcast, connecting with you as we worship together.
  4. Each Monday, we provide the whole service in an email, broken down so you can more easily interact with each element. We hope this will be accessible even for the least-tech-oriented among us.
    • The podcast will continue to be available – we will upload both the reflections from Sunday as well as the meditations as we are able.

Need help getting set up to watch online? Use this form.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Resources for Families

We are here for families in this unprecedented time of uncertainty and physical distancing.

  • View our Full Families Resource Page
  • Watch a Weekly Recorded Family Worship Circle
  • Connect in at 10:15 on Sundays for Kids Check in
  • Connect with other Parents on Thursdays at 8:30 pm
  • Don’t see something here you’re needing support around? Contact us.

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Foothills Community Circles

We have established Community Circles to ensure that every person in the Foothills community has the friendship, food, medicines and opportunities for service and meaning during this time.

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Community Support 

While it is tempting and understandable to respond to this situation by stockpiling our resources or otherwise taking a pause in our generosity – this is a time when we can do so much good by intentionally sharing our resources. We invite us to consider how this time may call us each back to that ancient practice of giving away a small percentage of our resources – money, time, energy, goods – in a very intentional way, so that we all can more fully live.

  1. We invite your support of our Discretionary Fund to support those who experience financial hardship through this time.
  2. Check out this page with information about ways to connect with our partners and to support the needs of the most vulnerable.

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Need Help?

While we don’t know how long social distancing and sheltering-in-place will continue, we know that as it does, we will all have increased needs for emotional, spiritual and to various degrees, financial support. Asking for help is often uncomfortable, especially for those accustomed to being independent and being the help givers rather than the help receivers.  However, in these days, the only way we will get through this is by caring for each other – offering and receiving in an ongoing ebb and flow. Please reach out if you don’t see the sort of support you need listed here.

  1. For regular pastoral support, email caring@foothillsuu.org
  2. If you are a Foothills member in need of financial support, reach out directly to one of our ministers.
  3. Everyone is welcome to shop at our mobile Food Bank, which operates on our campus at 1:30 pm the second and fourth Sunday of every month (currently operating as a drive-up).
  4. If you need mental health support, contact the SummitView crisis line: 970-494-4200.  
  5. If you are in crisis of any sort, call 911.  They will ensure you get the support you need.
  6. Find a list of statewide resources here.
  7. United Way of Larimer County has become a resource hub for assistance/response in larimer county https://uwaylc.org/
  8. If you are looking for work: http://www.connectingcolorado.com
  9. Emergency Childcare for Children of “Essential” Workers Collaborative Overview: https://covidchildcarecolorado.com/ Who is covered?: Health care providers and staff including maintenance and janitorial staff; Public safety: Police, firefighters, EMT, Department of Corrections; and Staff supporting critically at-risk populations: Long-term care facilities, mental health facilities, residential facilities subject to available capacity.
  10. Interfaith Alliance resource page.

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Information for Group or Program Leaders

Information for Community Circle Leaders

Decisions About Gathering 

While we have decided to close the building and refrain from meetings in person, your gathering may want to continue online. Or, you may want to cancel or postpone. This is a time for creativity. What is the core of what your ministry/group provides, and can you offer that in a different way in this time? Let us know your thoughts about this, and we can decide together.

Gretchen’s post about small group outdoor gatherings

Setting Up New Gatherings 

To set up a new gathering/event, use the form at foothillsuu.org/eventdetails.

Your New (Zoom) Room 

To find which room your gathering is in, visit foothillsuu.org/today on the day of the event. Technological support regarding zoom is outlined below.

Zoom Information 

If you are new to Zoom or want to boost your understanding, these are some good instructions. Although it is a relatively simple platform to use, some challenges are inevitable. Contact techhelp@foothillsuu.org for support.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][vc_single_image image=”35057″ img_size=”medium” add_caption=”yes” alignment=”center” onclick=”img_link_large”][vc_column_text]

Current COVID-19 Information


Upcoming Online Events:


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