Welcome! We are so glad you are interested in sharing our content with your Unitarian Universalist congregation! Please read through the information on this page in its entirety.

We are always happy to share our online content and worship curriculum with any other UU Church or other organization/individual who aligns with our values. This includes using our content for your worship services or in other programming. We believe that our mission calls us to be “for” the whole, and to be generous in sharing what we produce for a greater good. 

We do not require any compensation for this content. However, if you are moved to support our mission and help us continue to grow the reach of our mission, we are always grateful for financial support. Please CLICK HERE to make a donation. For video use, we suggest a donation of $25 for congregations with under 500 members and $50 for congregations with over 500 members. For use of our GenderFluent Curriculum, we invite you to consider the breadth and depth of your use of the curriculum in discerning an appropriate donation amount. We suggest an amount of $50-$500, depending on your depth and breadth of usage.

Again, a donation is not required for any particular use, but is greatly appreciated if you want to help be a part of our mission and work more generally.

We ask that Foothills Unitarian Church be credited in all usage, and that folks do not post our videos on their own YouTube channels. Instead, please direct people to our youtube channel. You are welcome to embed our YouTube videos on your website and to share the videos as part of the complete service in which our video was used.

We can make no claim at all about copyright usage/permissions for anything beyond our production. We do not mean to imply that our license for the music or the images transfers to anyone else, and people should do their own research and secure their own licenses.

Finally, please fill out the form below to let us know which videos you plan to use! If you have any questions, please email us at hello@foothillsuu.org. Thank you! 

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