Starting Place for Newcomers and Membership

We know that it can be quite a journey to choose a new church home, or perhaps to choose a church home for the very first time. You might have lots of questions, thoughts and wonderings – which is why we created BaseCamp. 

BaseCamp is offered quarterly as a one day retreat with a special half-day childcare-included option (plus extra Zoom sessions) for parents of young children.

BaseCamp will equip you with the tools and relationships to connect into our church community, to engage Unitarian Universalism, and to find your place in our Foothills mission to unleash courageous love in Northern Colorado and beyond. If you are a newcomer or are seeking a place to renew, BaseCamp is your next step.

I am so enjoying Basecamp! I already knew that Foothills and the UU community was awesome, but now I feel certain that it is my spiritual home. My deepest gratitude for the time and love that you are putting into this offering!
BaseCamp Participant

Please sign up here to be notified when registration for our next session of BaseCamp opens.

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