Spiritual Practice Ideas

Below you will find ideas for spiritual practices/disciplines that you can do alone, with a partner, or in a group! We will continually update this resource, so check back periodically for new practices to try!

Personal Practices (that we do alone)

Partnership practices (that we do with one other person)

Communal Practices (that we do with others, in groups)

Mind Practices (that engage our minds and thinking)

Body Practices (that get our physical selves involved)

Soul Practices (that make us use our imagination and creativity)

  • Make Art: 

    • Watercolor: improvising with color

    • Coloring in “coloring book” sheets in a meditative way.  

  • Collage, such as Soul Collage 

  • 5 Contemplative Art Practices

  • Mindfulness walks: Look around, listen, and smell. Notice how your feet feel against the earth. Engage your senses and notice details.

Family Practices (that are found in and around the people with whom we live and interact)

Justice Practices (that engage us in the work of helping to heal this all-too-broken world)

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