The Power of A Promise-Making Practice

Embarking on a profound spiritual journey demands more than solitary reflection; it thrives in the embrace of a nurturing community. At the heart of this journey lies the practice of making promises – commitments to one another, ourselves, and life itself.

In our pursuit of spiritual growth, we find our path illuminated through three fundamental avenues: transformative relationships, service, and giving. We also deepen our commitment by becoming members of the church. Explore each facet of this commitment practice below, and discover the power of commitment in the remarkable journey towards spiritual growth.

Each Sunday when we affirm our covenant, we share that while love is the spirit of the church, service is its law. One of the best ways to grow in spirit and meet other people at Foothills is to get involved in serving our congregation directly through one of these essential teams:
At Foothills, our budget reflects our deepest values. There are no “them” in our church. Our church is 100% “us.” Everything we do, from our justice work to our community service, from cultivating the next generation of children to embrace progressive values to offering transformative programs for adults, is supported financially by the people of Foothills. Giving is an expression of gratitude for the gifts we have been given. It is our way of passing it on so courageous love may reach others. Learn more about giving at Foothills.

Partnering as a member at Foothills Unitarian is an opportunity to deepen your spiritual journey and more closely walk alongside others who share this path.

As a partner, you can vote in congregational meetings, serve in elected leadership, and receive rites of passage at no cost.

The process to join is straightforward, and we provide guidance to help you discern your path.

The first step to partnership is taking BaseCamp and portions of our Inquirers Series.

If you’ve already completed BaseCamp, the next step is to fill out our partnership form.

Every new partner adds to our collective identity, making us a new church with unique experiences and perspectives. We value how your story and perspectives will help shape our future.

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