Child/Youth RE Registration Form

Child/Youth Religious Exploration Registration

  • Note* Programs for 7th grade - Hi School Meet at 11:00 am only
    I give permission for my child to be released to the playground after class to be supervised by childcare staff during coffee hour (10-11 am or 12 - 12:30 pm.)
    I give permission for my child to go on walking field trips with their class within 1/2 mile of the church.
    I give permission for church staff to seek emergency medical treatment for my child if I cannot be reached
    I give permission fro my child's photo to be posted in church publications.
    As parent(s) of a child or youth in the Foothills Unitarian Church R.E. Program, I/we agree: To be present at church when our children/youth are participating in Sunday morning programs. If for some reason this is not possible, the R.E. Staff and our child’s teacher must have the name of another responsible adult who will be present. I/We agree to support the Church with an annual commitment of volunteer time and an annual financial pledge. We understand that exceptions can be made under special circumstances. I/We agree to show our active involvement in the Religious Exploration Program by acquainting ourselves with the R.E. teachers and Youth advisors, and reading the weekly church e-newsletter and parent emails to stay informed about R.E. activities and issues. I/We agree to honor the efforts of our volunteer teachers, advisors and staff by respecting starting and ending times of our child's classes. We agree to communicate ideas, questions and concerns about the R.E. program with the RE Staff, and our child’s teachers.
    This is a list of ways that parents can help our Religious Exploration Programs. We can arrange your volunteer time to fit your schedule and your help can be one time or ongoing. We will contact you to arrange a volunteer commitment that works for you. Check all that interest you.