This Thanksgiving Day, you can join in the MOVEMENT of courageous love by walking, running, crawling, dancing, skipping.

Whatever you choose, you won't be alone!

The Basic Plan

1. Register for the Foohills Chalice Charge HERE.

2. At 9 am on Thanksgiving Day, take you and any willing/successfully cajoled family members out into your neighborhood, and go at least 1 mile (estimates accepted)

3. Don’t forget to print out your Chalice Charge race bib and pin it to you.


4. Post a photo of your team to your own social media and to Foothills Online on Facebook using #ChaliceCharge and #CourageousLove

Donations Help House Families Experiencing Homelessness in Our Building
In partnership with the Family Housing Network, Foothills Unitarian Church is currently housing families experiencing homelessness in our building. All proceeds from the Foothills Chalice Charge will go to expenses connected to housing those families.
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Bonus Options

1. Wear costumes.

2. Increase your donations based on how far you go.

3. Make it a race.

4. Engage your circle or other neighbors to put our drink stations.

5. Set up a course in your circle.

6. Use a nerf fun as a starter pistol.

7.Whatever other creative ideas you have to make this a fun experience!

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