This collection of songs, stories, art, and activities can help your family honor the trees and all the ways they nourish the planet and all of us in body, mind, spirit, and community. 

Tree Songs

Celebrate the gifts of trees by singing along with Children’s Music Coordinator Kara Shobe!

Strong Tree Meditation

Feel a sense of calm, strength, and steadiness with this meditation. Keep your eyes open to enjoy the tree imagery, or close your eyes and just let the audio guide you. 

Tree Stories

Enjoy these two stories about trees that help us understand and value the interconnected web of all life.

Trout Are Made of Trees, by April Pulley Sayre, illustrated by Kate Endle 

The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest, by Lynne Cherry                              

Fort Collins Tree Tours

Head outside and take some time to notice and appreciate the different trees in our city! These two self-guided tree tours will help you find what’s growing around town. 

This PDF guide from the Colorado Tree Coalition and Alameda Wholesale Nursery gives you a map and detailed information to help you find special trees around the city of Fort Collins. They may be especially large, old, unique, or connected to community history. Select the link above to download a map and tour information.

City Park Self Guided Tree Tour

The City Forestry Department has identified 223 tree varieties located at City Park, which provides a great hands-on opportunity to learn about the vast array of trees, how they grow, and what they look like. Select the link above to download a map and tour information.

Tree Activities

These games, art projects, and activities are a great way for the whole family to engage creativity, movement, and thoughtful observation. Follow the links below for instructions.  

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