Your Celebration is Your Gift!

This November, we are celebrating all of the ways that the Foothills community, our shared progressive values, laughter, resource-sharing, and people who understand the hard and strange and relentless reality of being human – across all of life’s many stages – together. 

We celebrate who we are, and have been, and will continue to be for one another, for Northern Colorado and for our wider world.

We invite you to join us on this celebration and to enable our continued impact together at the level that is right for you. 

Ways to Celebrate!

 Make a recurring gift by selecting the frequency drop down under the amount. 

Over 70% of our operating income comes from pledges. By committing to give in 2024, you help us manage our budget and ensure we can maximize the opportunities we have to make an impact. If you’re a returning pledger, we ask you to consider an 8% increase to your prior year’s pledge to help us meet our goal. Maybe you’re wondering how much 8% is. So we’ve made you an easy-to-read chart below.

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