When Extremism Makes Sense (The Ethical Life: week 1)

Between Super Tuesday and the arrival of the novel corona virus/COVID-19, it’s been a week of intense social anxiety. A week where you can feel the strain of our society…fear, distrust, misinformation, a health care system overburdened and in many cases, cost prohibitive – if you’ve been a little extra tired or angry or stressed – that would make sense. 

Is There a Clear Line Between Right and Wrong?

I watched a group of parents with young kids cut the line on our way into the Paw Patrol Live show in Denver this morning. The line was long, and it was confusing to figure out where the end was. At one point the end of the line curved back and merged with another part of the line creating a circle. It was confusing.

Are You Triggered? (The Feels: week 3)

I recently took one of those “which presidential candidate do you most align with” quizzes. It was a really extensive version, but even still I was surprised that one of the questions was “should college classes have ‘trigger warnings’ for their students?”

My Favorite Part of Future Tense (and That I’m Relieved is Over): Future Tense, week 4

I’ve loved labyrinths for a long time, especially since a walk I took through the labyrinth at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland about 10 years ago. It was a time of major transition in my life, and turning through its tangles as the sun was setting one evening felt like unraveling my heart. I felt connected and alive and open to all that life would bring next.

Is Amazon Prime the Best, or Worst, Idea Ever? (Future Tense: week 3)

Earlier this week, Carri and I decided to make some organizational improvements to our bathroom. We did all the research – checked out prices, read all the articles about organizations, figured out a budget, all in an afternoon. And then, in a few clicks, we ordered about 8 different things within 2 days later, with free shipping!