Anger, Heartbreak, and Chaos at the Capitol

Usually when I write a post like this, especially in this last year, I start with a wish that I hope that this finds you doing well. But tonight, I am hoping that this finds you angry, and deeply disturbed.   Because what happened today in our country should anger and disturb all of us. […]

What’s Your Path to Holiday Magic? Take the Quiz!

In 2020, holiday magic may feel like an especially tall order. Magic is a tricky word. Even in a "normal" year, the marketing of holiday magic can seem trite, fake, or flimsy. It helps to remember that in the most basic sense, magic describes one thing changing into another. Not just any sort of change, of course. Magic [...]

Quotes That Keep Us Going…

Last week we asked you to share a quote or mantra that has kept you going. Thanks to all who shared something. Here are the responses:   "A bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush." "All good things come to me." "All models are bad, but some are useful." "Be the change you [...]

Thanksgiving Meal Favorites (and a few thing you would rather not see again…)

Thank you to everyone who share your Thanksgiving favorites (and least favorites) with us! Here are your most and least favorite Thanksgiving dishes (keep scrolling to the end for a few shared stories as well):   Most favorite: sweet potato casserole with SO MANY MARSHMALLOWS - Least favorite: dressing! Favorite Thanksgiving dish is fresh ham [...]

Whatever you’re feeling, it’s okay.

Dear Friends, I know, it’s not exactly news that Larimer County’s infection rates have been rising exponentially, or that we were headed for an increased degree of shutting down. Actually, many of us have been hoping for this sort of action for a while. And STILL, there was something about the reality of it all […]

What You Need for the Week Ahead

If the election of 2016 came as a shock, as you move through this next week, you will hold in your body and heart the sense memory of all you experienced that week. It may show up in surprising ways this week – all that grief, fear, pain you felt back then, coming up all over again.

A Message for the Moment…

Last week, the night sky – at least according to my star app – was supposed to be perfect. Perfect to glimpse Mars, perfect for the shooting meteors coming from Orion.

Faith in Action = Voting

We are all holding the tension of this moment, of the smoke outside our windows, the rising COVID numbers, and the pending election. At so many moments we feel powerless, but over the next few weeks we hold great power. We each have an opportunity to put our faith in action, as we cast a vote. A vote that enables us to make our values known alongside millions of other Americans.

Zooming Out, Seasons of Change, and UU the Vote!

As my kids have gotten older, we’ve learned to accept that whatever they want to watch on the internet, they are going to watch. It’s a little like when I was younger and my friends who didn’t have TVs would come over and want to watch TV the whole time. You just can’t stop teenage curiosity and ingenuity.