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Series Offerings

Rev. Gretchen invites you to join her in a weekly spiritual practice affirming the sacredness of all our bodies, including our own. Every Monday for four weeks, you will receive an email from Rev. Gretchen inviting you to engage in a particular affirming practice that day. Sacred Body begins on February 12 and concludes on March 4.

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Join us to dive more deeply into our theme, All Bodies Are Sacred, by engaging the book My Body is Not An Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor. There are a few copies to check out from our library or find it as an e-book or from Firehouse Books. Then, join in a deeper reflection and facilitated conversation on Sunday, February 25th, at noon. We will share a lunch together as well.

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What story does your body have to tell about life – your life, our collective lives, the spirit of life itself? What are the secrets it would tell if given the chance? What beauty, what bitterness, what wisdom?

For our February Series, All Bodies Are Sacred, we are inviting our bodies to share their stories with us, in a collection we call Dispatches From My Body. 

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