Introducing Cheyenne – Ministry Intern!

We are delighted to announce Cheyenne Boone as our Ministry Intern, who will join us in September and serve with Foothills through May. 

Cheyenne (she/her) is a candidate for ministry with the UUA who currently serves as a chaplain resident at University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora. Before moving to Denver in 2023, Cheyenne completed a Master of Divinity degree at Harvard Divinity School. She has lived many places in the US, but she is originally from Orange, California. Her ministry is most often interested in the local, the everyday, and wisdom of the ordinary. She views social justice through the lens of collective responsibility and the question of what we owe to one another. Cheyenne also loves any kind of craft (especially spinning yarn, knitting, and sewing), she considers herself an honorary member of the Cloud Appreciation Society, and her favorite spiritual practice is walking through her neighborhood. She’s looking forward to a year at Foothills getting to know a new place and building community with this growing congregation.

Cheyenne will be looking for housing in Fort Collins. She prefers to live with others but is open to living alone. She is hopeful to adopt a dog sometime while here, and would enjoy a living situation that makes that possible. If you have any leads or connections, email

What Is A Ministry Intern?

What Will They Do? The intern will be involved in various aspects of church life, under the guidance of a supervising minister. Their activities will include:

  • Worship Services: They’ll help in planning and leading worship, and might occasionally deliver sermons.
  • Pastoral Care: They will be available to offer support and care to community members, learning the delicate balance of providing spiritual and emotional comfort.
  • Educational Programs: Expect them to be involved in teaching or facilitating classes and discussions, ranging from adult religious education to youth programs.
  • Community Engagement: They will participate in social justice initiatives and community outreach efforts, helping to connect the teachings of our faith with actions that support our community and beyond.

Why Is This Important? This internship is not just a learning experience for the intern but also a vital part of their journey to becoming a full-fledged minister. It allows them to integrate theoretical knowledge from their religious studies with practical experience in a supportive setting. For our community, it brings fresh ideas and perspectives into our practices.

What Can You Expect? You can look forward to new energy and insights, as well as different styles of leadership and interaction. It’s a mutual learning process where the intern gains from real-world experiences, and we benefit from their contributions and new perspectives.

We encourage you to engage with them, offer feedback, and participate in the programs they develop. This interaction is invaluable for their growth and enriches our community life.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about how you can support our intern, please feel free to reach out to our ministry team.

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