Faith In Pieces Series Invitation

“Everyone has a crisis at some point. You’ll have one too.” These were some of the first words shared with me by an admissions counselor at the Iliff School of Theology. 

I had just confessed my worry that my atheism would be a problem at this Methodist seminary. 

At its core, seminary education challenges you to reexamine everything you thought you know. Many discover for the first time that figures like Moses may not have been historical figures. Which maybe doesn’t sound like a big deal but for some it unravels everything. It can be incredibly painful, and also it can be powerfully transformational – a crisis that also often becomes spiritually deepening.

Of course, the journey of deconstruction extends far beyond seminary classrooms. It often begins with a triggering event—a significant life milestone, a painful church experience, or a profound personal tragedy—that shakes the foundation of what we believe. And just like in seminary, the process can be disorienting, leading not only to a reevaluation of beliefs but also risking the loss of community and identity.

On that day, the admissions counselor was saying that even though I wouldn’t have the same crisis of faith many students had, I would still likely find myself in a similar moment of instability, and deconstruction. A mement where I would need to find ways to re-build, and deepen. 

That admissions counselor was a Unitarian Universalist, by the way. Afterall, historically, many who experienced these moments of realization within traditional religious settings found a new spiritual home in Unitarian Universalism – where they could settle in and call their journey set. But as Unitarian Universalists, we aren’t “past” deconstruction.  Instead, in our faith, we learn to navigate deconstruction not (only) as a crisis, but as an opportunity for growth and deepening, something we can move through, and as a foundation for reconstruction. We see the spiritual path as a spiral that deepens and evolves, where we know that truth (within and beyond ourselves) continues to unfold, and where we can learn to live with resilience and gratitude, embracing complexity and impermanence—all within a framework of life’s enduring interconnectedness.

Join Us For Our New Series: Faith in Pieces, a journey through deconstruction 
Over the next 8 weeks, we will delve into this process of deconstruction and reconstruction. We will provide a space for healing and growth, helping us individually, and collectively to continually rebuild and find meaning, belonging, and joy. 
Here’s our plan: 
  • When: Sundays starting June 30th, running through August 11th 
  • Where: Both in person and online
  • How: Gather in community where we will learn tools that help navigate life’s cracks and create a new mosaic from the pieces 
  • What else: Beyond Sundays, we are also offering Journey Groups focused on the de/reconstruction process, as well as a 4 class series, Faith for the Unbeliever – find out more here 
  • And: This is a great series to invite a friend, especially one who may be currently deconstructing 
  • Find out more:
We look forward to journeying this path with you. Together, let’s discover the beauty and strength in life’s changes, reconnecting the scattered pieces of ourselves, collectively creating a mosaic of meaning and transformation.

In partnership,
Rev. Gretchen

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