Series Invitation: Active Hope April 2023

Living in this world requires a certain compartmentalization. Otherwise, we’d be caught in an overwhelming awareness of ethical quandaries, grief for all that has been lost, and anxiety for all that we have yet to face. We try not to think too much about any of it and just do what we can and keep moving forward.  

It is an often practical coping technique that keeps life’s pain at arm’s length. But it also keeps us from a deeper connection with life’s beauty. The beauty that will survive and thrive only with our full, undivided attention.

For the month of April, instead of squinting at life’s realities, we’re going to practice seeing with new eyes. Where we recognize one another kin, no matter what. Where we honor our mutual overwhelm as a powerful first step in moving toward compassion. And where we feel ourselves a part of an inspiring vision where we are enough to bring about change. This April, join us in fostering Active Hope.

Join us this Sunday, April 9, at 8:30 and 10:30 AM as we kick off our Active Hope Series with a special Easter Celebration, Baby Blessing, and message from Rev. Gretchen. Please bring unexpired canned goods with you to church for our annual Kids’ Can Hunt! (After the hunt, all canned goods will be donated to the Food Bank.)

And learn more about our Active Hope series workshops, groups, and more at

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