Setting up a recurring pledge payment

Did you know you can set up recurring pledge payments? Many of our members find recurring payments convenient and make fulfilling their pledge easier.

Here’s how to set up your recurring pledge payment today:

1. Visit

2. Input the amount of your recurring pledge payment. You will select the payment schedule – weekly, every other week, monthly, or twice monthly – in Step 3. If you would like to check your pledge balance before setting up a recurring payment schedule, you can find instructions for checking your pledge balance here.

2. Select “Regularly” under the “Frequency” drop-down.

3. Select your automatic payment schedule from the options that appear.

4. Select your payment method. We pay thousands of dollars in fees every year for credit card processing. There are two ways you can help us minimize the expense of credit card processing. First, you can select your bank account as your payment method. If you don’t already have your bank account linked, click “Add bank account” then find instructions on how to link your bank account here (go to step 5). Second, you can cover the processing fee for your recurring card payment. When you select a credit card as your payment method, a small box will appear that says, “Add $X to cover the processing fee.” By checking that box, you will cover the processing fee for your payments by card.

5. Click the “Start giving…” button!

If you have any questions about your pledge or setting up payments, please contact Katie Watkins at

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