Be More Gay

After my last post, I kept thinking about how to take these ideas and invite in a collective conversation, as well as a more intentional strategic response. The conversation part that I’m thinking about is a kind of playful response to the Florida laws (as well as the various anti-trans moves, especially in Texas and Tennessee) that a group of us have been calling our Be More Gay Campaign.

In response to the active attempts to minimize, or shame, and to actively silence the idea of being gay, or trans, or queer we don’t just say that it’s ok to talk about it, or even that we accept you if you are.

We say, really go for it. Bring your whole, true self.

Whatever that looks like and whoever and however you love.

What ever your truest expression of your gender.

And however any of these things change and shift across your lifetime, or even within the day.

You are loved in the truth of yourself. You are seen. You are welcome. You are celebrated.

It’s especially powerful to me as a message from a church community. To say that by our faith we know and affirm that gay isn’t just ok, it’s fabulous, and cherished, and even holy. And our church wants you to not just not be quiet about it, we want you to feel like you can let the fullest truest parts of yourself emanate from you. Be more you, be more love, and be more gay. (And yes, I do kind of like the play on the word gay, as in happy!) We’re thinking t-shirts, and bumper stickers, and street signs and….

Beyond this conversation piece, though, we are also looking at ways we can intentionally up our supportive response. We’re listening for where the gaps are in community support for queer and trans youth and young adults, and for their families. We are considering how we as a church can level up in our trans welcome. And we are talking with our community partners about how we can engage these questions intersectionally, and engage our queer BIPOC community members.

I don’t know where exactly this will take us, but I trust that there’s something really right about this path. Because in response to so much small mindedness and fear, this is a move that is hopeful, and playful, and joyful and generative. I mean, it’s very gay!

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