Auction Special Appeal

In Rev. Gretchen’s General Assembly Sermon, she called on us all to pay more attention to the UU churches already in communities where our mission and values are needed most and to follow their lead. Imagine if we said:

Dear UU churches on the Western Slope – Dear friends in Grand Junction – we 
know that Unitarian Universalism is urgently needed in your communities. We believe your churches are the best way for our faith to be made real. Thank you
for your work creating safe spaces for LGBT+ Youth, advocating for trans inclusion, and offering kids access to science-based, affirming sexuality education through OWL. Here’s some money. Do with it what you need to grow your programs. We
are praying for you. We are here for you. Because we are partners, all of us, and
we can’t give up on this big thing – this deal we make to love people in real life. 

We’re turning imagination into reality with this year’s Auction Special Appeal. The Special Appeal is a set-aside fundraising effort during the annual auction. The funds raised are shared equally between supporting Foothills Unitarian’s work and one of our partners doing important work aligned with our values.

This year, our partner for the Special Appeal is The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Grand Valley, which is located on the Western Slope, a very conservative part of Colorado. Specifically, the funds raised through the Special Appeal will sustain and grow programs that support the mental health and well-being of LGBT+ children and youth.

UUCGV is located in a district with a very conservative school board and representation (you may have heard of their congresswoman, Lauren Boebert.)

UUCGV offers inclusive programming not available elsewhere in the area. The funds they receive from the Special Appeal will be used to expand children’s programs that provide a safe, welcoming space for all children, youth, and young adults across their area through:

  • Welcoming and affirming Sunday programs for children and youth and their families.
  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education Programs (OWL) that affirm all gender identities and orientations.
  • Events that are LGBTQ+ affirming.

Together, we can help ensure LGBTQ+ children, youth, and young adults across our state receive life-saving affirmation and access to supportive, inclusive programs.

Thank you for supporting critical work at Foothills and on the Western Slope through the Auction Special Appeal.

In partnership,

Your Auction Team
Kay Williams, Patti Cochran, Heidi Schaub, and Lindsay Tearman

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