The Annual Auction: Are We There, Yet?

There are no “them” in our church. Our church is 100% “us.” Everything we do is supported financially by the people of Foothills, from our justice work to our community service, from teaching children to embrace progressive values to offering transformative programs for adults. We do things this way because it allows our budget to reflects our deepest values.

We are truly grateful for the gifts we have been given, and that is what giving at Foothills is fundamentally about – gratitude. Giving is an expression of gratitude for the gifts we have been given. It is our way of passing it on so courageous love may reach others. 

Our biggest single-event fundraiser of the year is coming up in September – The Annual Auction! It’s also a ton of fun! This year’s theme is Are We There Yet?

We’re still in need of many donations to make this year’s auction as successful as years past, so please consider donating an experience or item as a way to give. Cool donations from recent years included a Snowshoe Hike, a special dinner cooked for someone in their home, and theatre tickets! COVID has made things a little tricky lately, but last year congregants really came through with some creative and safe ideas.

We usually like to encourage events over “stuff,” but COVID-19 means all bets are off! So if you’re a painter/quilter/potter/sculptor/knitter/etc., please think about donating a piece. If you love to bake, consider offering a custom birthday cake or a batch of homemade cookies to be delivered to someone’s home! Consider donating a self-care basket, board game/movie night in a box, a new collection of children’s books, or something else creative. The possibilities are endless!

There will be an Online Silent Auction (Sept 20-27) and a Live Auction on Sept 25. The live auction will be outdoors, socially distanced, and will feature a professional auctioneer! There will be items to bid on across all price ranges.

Donation forms are available at (This form also has more information and donation ideas.) We – your Foothills Auction Driver – can help with questions and ideas. And if you want to share donating an event or activity with someone else (twice the fun!), talk to us, and we’ll work on pairing you up with someone. You can reach us at

Thank you for your generosity! We can’t wait to see you at the Auction!

Your Auction Drivers – 
Kay Williams
Heidi Schaub
Patti Cochran
Lindsay Tearman
Sue Bloomfield

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