July 2021 Board Update to the Congregation

The Board of Trustees is excited to announce that the year-long revision to our Policy book is now complete. This most recent revision reflects the board’s lived experience of policy governance over the last three years.

For those who are not familiar with the term policy governance, this is a formal structure of governing that charges the board with discerning the vision and values of the congregation through linkage – future-oriented conversations with the congregation and our other sources of accountability and authority. The board also monitors itself and the Ministry to ensure we are living into our mission in all that we do together, within the guidance and limitations we’ve set in policy. 

Although the policies provide guidance and limitations to the Ministry team and specify what should be done and why, the Board does not get involved in how it should be done. This frees up the Ministry team to use their skills, knowledge, and creativity to determine how to accomplish the mission and vision set forth by the congregation. If you wish to review our newly-revised policy book, please CLICK HERE.

The Board of Trustees meetings are open to the congregation. We meet monthly, typically on the third Thursday, beginning at 6:00 PM. (Meeting times sometimes change, so please email theboard@foothillsuu.org in advance if you would like to attend a particular meeting.)

Since the pandemic began, we have been meeting entirely on Zoom, but are starting to shift to a hybrid meeting structure, with in-person attendance and an open Zoom room for remote participation.  Zoom will always remain an option going forward for maximum accessibility.

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