Coming Home (series invitation)

My kids and I got back from a visit to see my family in the northwest Thursday night a little after midnight. My partner and I both started work before 9 Friday morning. My daughter headed to a sleepover with a friend before noon, and by 5:30, we were headed to kickball with other Foothills friends. Later today, we’re headed to Denver to meet friends we haven’t seen for over two years, and Sunday we’re hoping to finally see In the Heights.  

Life is suddenly, overwhelmingly, amazingly, confusingly – as it was before – in so many ways.

And still, behind the sudden rush and the returning, we know we aren’t the same as we were before. 

Like I told each person I greeted in Washington, we did it.  We survived.  By which I mean to acknowledge, there was something to survive.  A trauma that changed us.  That’s still changing us. Not to mention that when we review the recent case numbers, we see that despite the availability of vaccines, COVID is not over. We aren’t who we were before. And we aren’t yet who we will be.

And so even though it feels like we’re all “going back,” I have the sense that what we actually need is to step back. To pause in a kind of great global check-in, where we can re-meet ourselves, and each other for who we are now, and also who we are becoming.

Before we go back, we need to come home.

Come home to some of our most basic questions – those anchoring mysteries that can help orient us, and propel us, and comfort us through whatever comes next.

Come home in a way that will help us start off again on a whole new adventure.  

This is our invitation for the next six weeks in our series, Coming Home – to both come home and to set off on a great journey, as we focus on some of life’s greatest questions, and the tools and practices of Unitarian Universalism in meeting these questions. 

It’s a great series for newcomers and those wondering if Foothills is a good fit for them/their families, so be sure to invite your Foothills-curious friends. 

As our new theme song describes, home is the place where we are together. And it’s not the same without you.  9 & 11 am Mountain every Sunday through August 15th –

In community,
Rev. Gretchen 

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