The Building Bulletin May 2021

The building project has officially completed the schematic design phase! It is great to see the project progressing after our year-long suspension. The output from the schematic design phase was a set of drawings and written specifications for materials and standards to be used in construction. This milestone triggered two important activities.

First, our contractor was able to provide us with a more accurate estimate. Previous estimates were based generally on square footage.  The design documents allowed Pinkard Construction to create an estimate based on the actual materials and requirements. The Building Expansion (BET) reviewed the new estimate at our meeting on May 18th.  The estimate came in a little high, but Ewers Architecture and Pinkard Construction came to the meeting prepared with ideas to reduce costs and will meet together to make more reductions. The BET wants to assure you that the cost reductions do not involve compromises on either design or environmental impact.  

Secondly, the end of schematic design allowed us to complete energy modeling. The creation of an energy model is a requirement of our participation in the city’s Integrated Design Assistance Program (IDAP). Our goal for meeting IDAP requirements is to achieve a reduction in energy costs of 10% less than those obtained by meeting city code. We have easily surpassed that goal. The modeler also felt that we will be net zero ready.

Looking Back

The Building Expansion Team (BET) met with Peter Ewers and Ann Ormsby from Ewers Architects and Rick Converse from Pinkard Construction to review and approve the schematic design documents on April 20th.  It was a productive meeting, and we were happy to approve moving on to the project’s Design Development phase.  

On May 4th, we held a “Pre-Flight” meeting with Rick Converse and Peter Ewers. We spent a little time getting to know each other, then discussed issues important to a successful working relationship. These included lines of communication, who can make decisions, what are our expectations of each other, and what is required for the project to be viewed as successful. We will be meeting again to discuss more topics required to make the relationships work.

Looking Forward

The architect will be working to further refine the design with input from the BET. The city will be facilitating a meeting with our neighborhood in early June.  

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