April Fool’s Pranks

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Last week we asked you to share a favorite April Fool’s Day prank. Here are your responses:

  • Conspiring with my son’s coworkers at Avo’s to prank him on our dinner take out order last week.
  • Convinced my brother I won $1000.
  • I used plastic food models at work. I brought them home and set the breakfast table with the fake food. The models were really realistic and fooled the kids.
  • “Not my own but memorable: NPR interviewed gardening maven Barbara Damrosh about her recipe for compost lasagna! They did it totally straight, discussing the luscious flavors and fragrances and then ended. It was left to us listeners to remember what day it was.”
  • My daughter went into display settings on her brother’s computer and flipped the screen sideways. We said maybe he clicked on an April Fool’s virus. He was convinced she had broken his computer!
  • My husband was looking out the window toward the public bathroom in Remington lot and said to me” that guy came out of the bathroom without any clothes. I got up to look and….
  • Oh the worst was about 10 years ago my husband wakes me up first thing in the morning. He tells me he had forgotten, but we had a big potluck dinner event for Larimer County that night (he was working with the county courts at the time) and we needed to bring a casserole! I was freaking out and running to the kitchen to see what we had to make and he let me know it was April 1st. I was sure mad at him at the time for freaking me out but it really was funny nonetheless😂
  • On a hot day I would not mind if someone taped the sink sprayer.
  • Our son would rubber band the trigger on the kitchen sink nozzle so it sprayed in your chest when you turned on the water. We never learned. Got us every year!
  • Putting googly eyes on things at the grocery store.
  • The Rapture happened and no one qualified.
  • When riding my horse, being told by stable mates to go find a ” left-handed bit stretcher”!!! (I know better now!!😁)


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