Lowering Your Bar

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Where in your life would you like to “lower your bar”? Or, if you prefer, where have you already “lowered your bar” and felt OK about it?

  • A couple of years ago I found an Enneagram book by Fr. Richard Rohr. I began to read the 9 personality types.  Well, I didn’t get very far.  I am a number one.  “The Need to be Perfect”.    In my family, from my father, perfect rated as average.  Maybe. I’m so glad to have found this. Perfection, all the time and in everything, is just exhausting.  And, of course, I never make it.  So, I’m always angry at myself.  And others.  And the world.  Whew, it is such a relief to ‘lower this bar’.  Probably still too high.  But, a very good, very necessary start!!
  • Because of covid concerns, limits on getting involved due to age has made me lower the bar for activities and helping. Hard to accept age limits, but life made easier by accepting.
  • Busy work. I enjoy working from home and tackling what needs to be done and not worrying about “seeming” busy at my desk.
  • Focusing less on myself and more on my father.
  • Handling tech problems. Just joined Geek Squad. We had so many issues lately and we both get so frustrated Beothuk this.
  • Housekeeping (bar one inch from the ground now!)
  • I am more forgiving of my past failures
  • Particularly when i was young– grade school”
  • I don’t need to be “productive” all the time! It feels good – freeing.
  • I eat leftovers 4 days out of 5.
  • I feel like the only place I have lowered my bar is in my volunteering to help others. Besides that Covid hasn’t interfered in what I’ve been doing besides getting together with people in person and holding and hugging my grandchildren and daughter.  I truly have a lot of gratitude for my life, for the church and for zoom which keeps my connections going.
  • I had to lower the bar in my work life while my daughter was remote learning and I was working from home. I could not keep up with everything all the time and I had to give myself permission to lower my self-expectations. I have passed this message on to several working moms in my workplace and we all support each other with this message. It has already felt so good to get back to work with my daughter being in-person at school. We both are happier at the end of each day and that feels great!
  • I have lowered the bar in my thought process of this non socializing time and accept that it is what it is and I am okay with that
  • I obsess less over the news now that there are people in power who I perceive to be competent and concerned about our collective welfare. That is a huge relief.
  • I need to lower the bar on my expectation of moving up the corporate ladder. After seven years in the same industry with year after year great reviews, I have become very frustrated I can’t become a manager since I don’t have a lot of managerial experience. It’s a real Catch-22. My current boss had the same experience and just recently became a manager himself. He is looking at ways to get me that experience by possibly having an intern assigned to me in the future.
  • I think most of my bars are set just about right…😀
  • I would love to lower the bar in regards to my house cleaning- I embrace the dirty dishes!
  • Lowering the bar on getting help for what it means to support kids in school and at home this year.
  • Making people happy at my expense. I now put myself first & I’m ok with that
  • Meal prep and perfect veggies proportions
  • My bar is already pretty low.
  • Not being solely responsible for cleaning, having my family engage more on that.
  • Now, I only clean my home when company comes…😖
  • We have given up the requirement that our teenagers have to go outside once a day. Screen time limits have also gone by the wayside… Oh well…
  • Waiting for the vaccine. It will happen whenever it happens.
  • Where I’ve already lowered the bar during covid-times: Popcorn is an acceptable dinner sometimes. Yoga pants with pockets are suitable for all occasions. Wine is a food group.
  • With balancing distance learning for a 2nd grader, a 3 year old, seeing clients virtually from home, and caring for high risk parents, I have had to lower my bar of having it all together. My ability to plan and predict has been set aside and winging it has taken over. I’ve had to give myself grace for dropping balls and let things go that are not a priority. Not an easy feat for me! But I’m hoping to carry that grace to a post-Covid life.
  • Work
  • Work attire for sure! Without the possibility of surprise audits or client visits, we have kept it pretty casual. I choose sneakers over boots most days, and have bought about 8 extra pairs of black yoga pants because I wear them so much
  • Working on lowering my “I’m right” bar. It’s ok for me to be wrong…


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