How do you describe Foothills?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Last week we asked you, “When you talk with your friends or neighbors about Foothills, what are the stories you tell? How do you describe Foothills?” Here are your responses:


  • A welcome place for all, great community for families, our people!
  • A welcoming place no matter what you believe. The only church without a creed that you must abide by. Filled with deep thinkers and people who care about social justice.
  • About Gather Group
  • About how family you feel just being a part of a nonjudging and loving environment. And the honesty of all and the deep connection that is felt.
  • An accepting and inclusive community with a focus on social justice.
  • Caring about Web of Life & Learning, etc.
  • Inspiring sermons and services. Social justice work I’m proud we’re doing. How many “we believe” signs Foothills got distributed across FoCo. And how much my sisterhood group means to me – so great to have a group of women who you can level with and who have each other’s backs!
  • I don’t really talk to anyone about Foothills so I have no useful information to provide.
  • I have encouraged my roommate to attend church with me. He is a gay man and he told me he is a Lutheran. I know he is not active and have told him that Foothills and Unitarian Universalists would be a more like-minded community for him (in my view); and that we have an active LGBTQ plus community.
  • I look forward to every Sunday. It’s always meaningful and one part or another of the hour often makes me weepy.
  • I love it!!! It’s so warm, welcoming & they make u feel like u belong. I also encourage people to watch the services online so they can get an idea of how cool Foothills is
  • I talk with a few friends and my family. Usually, I mention the small groups that have meant so much to me, including inspirational groups like Wellspring and Braiding Sweetgrass. I talk about the efforts of Foothills to make a real difference in the community. I tell how amazing the ministers and staff are, especially during this pandemic.
  • I tell about the caring and open-minded people I’ve met there!
  • I tell people that Foothills is an awesome church that is relevant, progressive, and caring.
  • I tell them it is a welcoming and loving community that is a safe space.
  • It’s quite liberal. It’s welcoming and the ministers are gay/married. Our circle group is great and we are getting closer. I like the sermons. They make me think and feel.
  • My favorite service was the flying beach balls. Who could not laugh and find joy in that. Reminiscent of concerts that I’ve been to. Minus the mud and rain. 🎉🍻😉🌈
  • Open minded. Different from what they may be expecting. A Church for people who think they aren’t “churchy.”
  • The most welcoming church in town.
  • Though my beliefs, really, never fully “fit”, I’d never considered looking for a faith community outside of mainstream Christian churches. Soon after my first few cautious visits to Foothills, the monthly series was about the wide variety of faiths represented among Foothills members. Each week, a person of a different faith would share how and why Foothills had become their choice for spiritual community. I read a little more about Unitarian Universalists, started attending fairly regularly and was referring to Foothills as “my church”. Hearing my enthusiastic story about “discovering” UU, friends and family have responded with variations of “we think you’ve been UU all of your life and just didn’t know it”.


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