Auction Update

In only four weeks we will be hosting the annual Foothills’ fundraising Auction – COVID ConnAuction!

You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to bid on the wonderfully creative and thoughtful donations that have been offered by members of our congregation. This is also a great way to connect, have fun and support the work of our church. There will be several activities during Auction Week – something for everyone – stay tuned for more information!

Dig deep into the corners of your creative pockets and think of ways that you can help make 2020 unforgettable in a positive way. If you have questions or would like feedback on a donation item, just contact the team at and we will be happy to help. Add your donation by Sept 10th (sooner is better!) here:

Here’s an example of the fun donations that we’re getting!

COVID ConnAuction! Donation of the Week –

A Night of Creeps, Haunts and Murder. . .

Join Margaret Cottam and Diane Barrett for a Virtual Mystery Party! The town of Amity Hill has been plagued with supernatural activity recently, and the residents have decided to band together and fight the unseen forces. . . the story goes on, but you’ll have to look at the Online Auction Catalog (starting Sept 10th) to see the rest of the particulars… But for sure this will be a good time – they have done three Mystery Dinners for Auctions past (remember when we could eat together?), and fun was had by all. You will be participating by Zoom (alas, no dinner…). They will assign roles and instructions prior to the party. Six to thirteen “Creeps” will win a chance to help solve the mystery on Saturday, October 24th, at 7:00 pm. Bwaah haaah haaah . . .

Full info at and links at

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  1. Could you add a link to register for the auction activities? I understand that we need to do so but don’t know how.

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