Disciplined (worship series)

The other day at the gym I was standing beside the rack of dumbbell weight trying to decide which one I should pick for the next exercise. 

I was free to select any weight. Nothing could stop me from dragging the heaviest weight over to my station. No alarm bells would sound, other gym goers wouldn’t even notice. 

But my freedom of selection wouldn’t help a damn bit when it came to actually lifting the weight. To lift the weight, like every worthy endeavor in this life, requires commitment and practice. Commitment and practice that would have had to begin weeks, months, or years in the past, to bear fruit in the present. 

It required discipline. 

This Sunday we dive into a worship series entitled Disciplined. 

WARNING! This series is demanding.  It’s going to ask you to step up to the proverbial mat and rep out some spiritual burpees. We are going to stretch ourselves to cultivate a deeper freedom through practices that will invite greater intention and connection to ourselves and others. And the best part is you won’t have to do it alone!

Invitation to Collective Practice

During this series we’re inviting everyone to commit to a collective practice including: 

  1. A Daily Prayer Practice
  2. Table Blessing
  3. Weekly Food or Tech Fast

We’ve prepared a practice guide, and we have prayer beads for you to take home. Come this Sunday to learn more. 

Once you’re ready to commit, text COMMIT to 970-00 and you’ll get text reminders, tips, and tricks a few times a week throughout the month.

We always choose one song for each of our worship series that we sing or perform in every Sunday in the series.  It’s usually something you’ll find yourself singing later in the day, without even realizing it.  Because music connects in the deepest parts of our brains, the idea is that we’ll connect more fully with theme, and bring it into our everyday lives. 

For this series, we’ve chosen Divisionary (Do the Right Thing) from the group Ages and Ages. We especially love this video that has all ages singing together! Can’t wait to sing it with all of you throughout this series!!

The service on Sunday is just 1 of 168 hours in your week.

Which means that the way to make Sunday have a real impact on our lives, we need to find ways to bring it into the rest of the week. 

One of the ways we’re trying to do this is by switching up our weekly Communicator email to always start with a follow up directly tied to the prior Sunday. 

It’ll include all the major elements of the service – from a link to the sermon to the text of readings, resources we used, music we sang, and a reminder of the key take away. 

We hope this offers you a touchstone throughout your week to return to and to go deeper – and to pass it on to a friend who you think would appreciate it. 

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