It’s Personal

Have you ever noticed that whenever someone says “Don’t take this personally but” no matter what the next words out of their mouth can not be taken any way but personally. 

When people have said “Don’t take this personally but I don’t believe being gay is nature”, it’s hard for me (Rev. Sean) to respond by saying “of course I won’t take your statement that  disregards my inherent worth and dignity personally, I’ll place it over here in a bucket of theoretical statements about things you believe that even though they impact me deeply, I’ll suspend any judgement or feelings about for the sake of your request”.

Don’t take this personally is another way of saying “I know you might be hurt by this or” or “It’s not about you even though you are involved”. But most of the time “Don’t take this personal” is a way of communicating don’t be a person about this.

 Don’t be…..A person who has insecurities, emotions and hangups. 

        A person who is porous and internalizes the world around them.

      A person with a specific and unique story that is still unfolding. 

Instead be a robot — unfeeling, dispassionate, and utterly generic and replaceable. 

It’s Personal is a worship series that begins August 18th that asks the question: what if we did take it personally and how might that change everything. 

Making It Personal wading through the water towards deep rather than shallow relationships. 

When we make it personal, what was once generic and distance becomes real and intimate. What might have gone ignored or unseen, is now in our faces. When we make it personal what might have once been only theoretical— terms like the beloved community, people living with addiction and mental health struggles, the kids that annoy you as they talk to their parents during worship —  start to have a face, and a story, and personalities, and depth in that true messy yet beautiful human way. 

In short, making it personal is the bridge towards relationships that actually matter. 

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