Connecting to Serve

At the end of each Sunday service at Foothills, we close with these words: “…our service has just begun…”

These words remind us, challenge us, unite us, to leave the relative comfort of our sanctuary and go be of service. That our purpose is caught up with that of our world – not only ourselves.

After listening to Rev. Gretchen’s sermon on Sunday, I was reminded that these sending words are not only necessary because the world needs us. They are necessary because WE as humans beings need to serve. We need to connect to something larger than ourselves. We need the relationships born of struggle that change us. We need to remember that we too have worthy gifts to offer. In short, we need to receive the gifts of our own service.

It was this line that sparked the theme for the upcoming installation service, where you — the people of Foothills — will install me as your called Associate Minister. Our theme Connecting to Serve is at the heart of the ritual of installation, but it’s much more than that. It’s a challenge and an invitation for each of us to install not only an associate minister, but our (re)commitment to the work of courageous love here in our lives and in Northern Colorado.

Here’s the invitation: during the month of April we have over 300 spots open across 16 distinct opportunities to serve with one of Foothills’ partner organizations.  

And the challenge: we are going to fill every last one of them.

We are going to clean up our beloved Buckhorn Camp, get Respite Care ready for their prom, help Homeward Alliance assemble breakfast bags, and write notes of care and support to incarcerated Unitarian Universalists. And much more.  There are opportunities for people of all ages to participate.

You can browse all the opportunities and sign up online.

P.S. Because the installation is the same time as our mobile Food Bank, and we don’t want to cancel that, we are hoping you’ll all think of someone you know (who is not a church member) who might be willing to volunteer at our Food Bank this one day.  And then, invite them to sign up online. Not only does this help our Food Bank continue, but it also helps spreads the gift of service – the connection – even beyond our own community.

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