Foothills Share the Plate: Interfaith Alliance of Colorado

Mission Statement:

The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado is the proactive voice for promoting justice, religious liberty, and interfaith understanding, driving social change and equality through education and dialogue. The goal of the Interfaith Alliance is to demonstrate compassion, cooperation, and partnership to benefit the common good.

“At the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, we work to focus our advocacy efforts through specific initiatives grounded in our shared values. Project decisions are based on alignment with our shared values of human rights and equality, religious liberty, and moral government. We then evaluate the social and political landscape in Colorado to determine where there are needs and where there are gaps in faith advocacy efforts. Our current initiatives focus on the issues of religious liberty (non-discrimination), racial justice, and economic justice.”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it. We encounter these words – justice, religious liberty, and compassion – with great frequency from our pulpit, in our weekly newsletter, and in our amazing word-cloud branding poster in the foyer. That is why Foothills Unitarian Church recently donated $3148.21 to the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado as our November Share the Plate. And you, the Foothills congregants, made it happen with your weekly generosity.  Foothills, joined with other committed faiths, is part of a grand, religious caravan traveling that “moral arc of the Universe that bends toward justice.” This month as we strengthen our hope muscle, know that we flex it every Sunday with our generous Share the Plate giving – a simple but meaningful spiritual practice.

By Jane Everham

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