Welcoming Kristen Psaki, Our Ministerial Resident

from Rev. Sean

It is with great delight that I introduce Kristen Psaki, who will be serving as our Ministerial Resident this year. Kristen comes highly recommended from Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden, Colorado, where she completed her ministerial internship this past year.

A residency is different than an internship. A residency is for those who have completed all the requirements to become a minister (degree, internship, chaplaincy placement, reading list) but have not yet met with the Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC). The MFC is the body that credentials UU Ministers.

When we learned that Darrick would be leaving his position this summer, we decided to increase Kristen’s position, initially at half time, to full time, so she could take over the Engagement Coordinator’s role in addition to her other responsibilities.

Kristen will work to support lay leaders and teams in newcomer ministry, justice ministry, small group ministry, and pastoral care. You can read more about Kristen below, but suffice to say, we are overjoyed to have her experience, presence, and skill joining our team. She will begin her work on August 20th, so please make a point of introducing yourselves to her when she arrives.

Kristen is a graduate of Union Theological Seminary in New York, NY. As a life-long seeker of Wisdom and Justice, Kristen’s Unitarian Universalist identity sits on the shoulders of a formative Christian childhood and an earnest adult search for the sacred. Called to work at the intersections of healing and justice, Kristen finds guidance in daily spiritual practice and the prophetic voices of queer people and people of color. She trusts in the transforming power of Love and believes church is where we come to remember our truest selves and to reconnect with each other.

She loves chocolate and coffee, separately or together, and savors every opportunity to gather around a table for a shared meal.

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