I invite you to join us as a volunteer in our Religious Exploration Program!

Imagine that it’s Sunday morning and you are in our Religious Exploration Building. If you are me – you get to wander down the hallway, peeking into our classrooms, checking in to see if anyone needs anything …and what you see is amazing!

You see little people gathered in a circle around a basket as their leader tells a story, pulling objects from the basket one at a time to illustrate the story for transfixed little eyes and minds. You see older kids in conversation, struggling with big ideas and questions and their teachers grappling with the same questions along with them.  You see kids exploring big UU ideas through art, active games and music. What happens in our Religious Exploration Programs is magical and life changing and so very important. I feel truly blessed to be doing the work I do – helping children and youth to find their place in this challenging world and finding the refuge of a Unitarian Universalist community to ground them.

I invite you to join us as a volunteer in our Religious Exploration Program.  I admit that I am a bit biased as I believe that many of the best things at Foothills happen in our Religious Exploration Program. Adult volunteers get to experience a deep dive into Unitarian Universalist history and theology and tools for living mindfully and actively in the world, all while hanging out with our amazing UU kids!

Teachers serve on teams of four to six in a rotation so you teach one or two Sundays each month for just one service of your choice. Wonderful curriculum and all supplies and resources are provided for you. The commitment is for the school year (mid-September 2017 – mid- May 2018) with breaks for all school holidays.

Eleanor VanDeusen – Director of Faith Formation

You can read more about the curriculum and sign up to volunteer HERE

I invite you to join us in the amazing and wonderful work of serving as a teacher in our Religious Exploration program.

To volunteer to be an RE Teacher you can SIGN UP HERE
Read about our curriculum below –

Preschool – Chalice Children

PreK/K – Spirit Play

1st  – Love Surrounds Us

2nd 3rd Grade – Moral Tales

4th 5th Grade – Toolbox of Faith

Middle School – Lodestone – Magnetized Middle School