Faith Formation Update 2017
New Year, New Faith Formation Opportunities!
2017 brings to Foothills a whole new approach and offerings in worship and lifespan faith formation…
Content-Focused for Depth
Whereas in the past we offered a breadth of different offerings across the lifespan, this “semester” our worship and lifespan faith formation programs are focused on three things in service of a greater depth:
  • Universalism for Today
  • Tools for Living in Diversity
  • Heart-Opening and Sustaining Practices
Hello, Sermon Series!
Instead of monthly themes, 2017 will mark a move towards a sermon and worship series. These series will last anywhere from two to six Sundays with independent yet interwoven sermons that will invite us into deeper exploration directly connected to our lifespan faith formation programming.
All-Church Saturday Workshops
Our sermon and worship series will be accompanied by three full day Saturday workshops. These spiritually grounded hands-on deep dives will invite you to take the themes of the series and begin to unpack how it engages with your life and what you are being called to do. Our hope is that everyone in our community attends at least one of these workshops – and even all three!
Make it Real: Practice Circles
Ever felt you wanted to unpack, debrief and experiment what we are talking about at church in a smaller setting – and find ways to make it real in your life?  After each workshop we will be launching Practice Circles. Practice Circles are intentionally structured gatherings, similar to Small Group Ministries like Souul Circles or Sisterhood Groups, that invite members to reflect together, experiment with new ways of living and being, and challenge each-other to live a life more congruent to our values. There will be 4 and 8 week options, with some intentionally multi-generational and online options.
Wednesday Nights @ Foothills Continue
We will continue to offer going-deeper options on Wednesday nights, focusing on follow-ups from Sunday that are more fitting for the classroom than worship.
Huddle to Mingle 
In youth ministry, we use the phrase – “we huddle so that we can mingle.” It’s a way of thinking about how we need to keep up support for age and stage based gatherings and learning alongside our multi-generational and cross-congregational opportunities. 2017 will see continued programs geared to seniors, youth, parents, newcomers, activists, earth-based practitioners, etc….and we hope that these huddles will lead to a greater mingling across our whole congregation so that we can continue to live out our covenant as a whole congregation.