a-new-storyAny alien visiting the western world during the months of November and December would be left with a pretty skewed understanding of what humans value, cherish and hold dear. You know it because you live it each year: the holiday stress brought on by our consumerist culture that is usually followed by an exhaustion and what I tend call a ‘meaning hangover’. But the magic of the holiday seasons cannot be confined or contained – and so it’s time we have a new story of the holidays: a more humane, giving, and grounded one.

To help us #ChangeTheStory in the months of November and December, Foothills is launching a series of #ChangeTheStory opportunities for you, your family, and friends to participate in the true meaning of these holydays: serving those in need, finding spiritual grounding, inviting the stranger into our home, and sharing the bounty of our lives to magnify joy and compassion.

#ChangeTheStory……of Christmas stress into holiday connection during Unplug the Christmas Machine

#ChangeTheStory……of families experience homelessness by volunteering with Faith Family Hospitality the week of Nov. 13th.

#ChangeTheStory…… of the lives of those living on the street by bringing outdoor gear to donate this holiday season on Nov. 13th.

#ChangeTheStory…… of families in our community who might spend Christmas without gifts for their children by gifting a family starting (sign up in the social hall starting Sunday, Nov 20)

#ChangeTheStory…… of human rights abuses around the world by defying hate and inviting our Unitarian Universalist Service Committee to be a guest at your table starting Nov. 20th

#ChangeTheStory…… of hunger in Larimer county by volunteering for Foodbank @ Foothills and donating to our share the plate to benefit the Food Bank’s essential work.