A friend recently offered this as his Facebook status update: “I could use some comedy.”  Can you relate?

In the midst of the high stakes feeling of the election, alongside the usual stressors of life’s struggles, disappointments and grief – I could definitely use some comedy.  Laughter is an incredible coping tool of resilience, one that we often undervalue.  One of the reasons I love Foothills, however, is the fact that laughter, silliness and joy is in our DNA.  I give Marc Salkin, our minister emeritus, a lot of credit for this, as he was a generous source of levity throughout his tenure.  However, Marc wouldn’t have felt the freedom to be so playful without your encouragement and partnership.  Even in our very short (under 3 minute) recent congregational meeting, a portion of it was spent in a playful joke (thanks Nate Donovan).

Our penchant for puns and fondness for frivolity will be on full display this coming Sunday when we celebrate our annual Pumpkin Carving.  The tradition is that everyone (all ages!) brings our (already cleaned out) pumpkins and carve them together, and then we set them on the chancel in the sanctuary, dim the lights, and set a lit candle in each.  Then, some jokes are told, mostly Halloween-themed.  I asked my son Josef to offer a sample of the sort of joke you might hear at Pumpkin Carving….check out his response….

Just the sort of comedy you could use, right? Beyond comedy, there will also by the frights of a spook house made by the 5th & 6th graders, and the joy of some shared sweet treats.  And we end it all by singing “This Little Light of Mine.”

I called all this “frivolity” to make a good alliteration – but really, this annual gathering is as rich and meaningful as any other thing we do together – for here is a community of all ages creating, laughing, singing, and playing together.  This too is what it means to be a community of healing.  Hope to see you this Sunday for our annual Day of the Dead Service at 9 or 11 (where we also explore how joy helps us cope with sadness – bring a photo or momento of a loved one who has passed) – and then at 5:30 for Pumpkin Carving – and let’s keep laughing together.