We are excited to post this  announcement officially seeking a new assistant minister to join our team August 1, 2016.

Foothills is an incredible Unitarian Universalist faith community, filled with many healthy, fun, passionate and collaborative people – both members and staff. It’s a great place to do ministry, especially with the way that Northern Colorado is growing (quickly!).

We are looking for someone who is:

  • creative
  • collaborative
  • flexible
  • results-oriented, even while enjoying the discovery process along the way
  • who has a true passion for Unitarian Universalism, and
  • who likes to have a good time while working hard in service of a big vision.

We are looking for someone who is excited to work with our new Senior Minister in service of the vision articulated on her candidacy website ( and who will bring complementary passions and gifts.

Specifically, we are looking for someone who has a call to pastoral care, adult faith formation, and the process of integrating new members and growing our community both in numbers and in spiritual maturity and health.

We’re open to applicants at any stage of their career, and with a variety of backgrounds. Maybe you’ve served in a large church before, maybe you’ve just received preliminary fellowship and are just starting out, maybe you’ve been in community ministry and are looking for a change-of-pace – this sort of experience-based question is way less important to us than having a passion for the ministry, being a good fit with our team, and caring deeply for the people with whom we work and serve in partnership.

In terms of particular skills and qualifications, we will be looking for someone who:

  • is a great listener and communicator, and who likes to serve in a congregation that appreciates staying in the loop, and being a part of the process
  • likes technology, and who is comfortable and at home with tools like google docs, Facebook, apps of various sorts, constant contact, and meme-making
  • can preach with passion and clarity, in a way that complements our Senior Minister’s style and content (check out our podcasts for some examples)
  • knows how to recruit and develop people into ministries of joy and impact – or who has the desire to learn!
  • enjoys the fast pace and the team environment of a larger congregation.
  • has received preliminary fellowship with the Unitarian Universalist Association before the official start of the position.

Terms for this position:   This is a hired (contract) position. Full time, 1 year contract with intent of a two year hire. There is potential for renewal beyond the second year, but we would not determine this until the second year.

Compensation: We will pay within the UUA Fair Compensation rates for Geo Index 3 with a Large 1 Congregation for Assistant Ministers and we will offer moving expenses for relocation.

Reports to: Senior Minister.

Portfolio to begin will include: Pastoral Care, Membership, Adult Faith Formation and Small Groups, with a critical role in Worship and as a part of the overall team.

The timeline for this hiring process is outlined here – (as well as a little more information about a recent conversation with the congregation about this position).

If you are interested in applying, please submit your packet (in website format), to include your Ministerial Record (or its equivalent), links to sermons (podcast or video preferred, but text is ok), and a cover letter sharing your reasons for being interested in this position and why you believe you would be a good fit. Please send it to Rev. Gretchen Haley at

Application Deadline: January 31, 2016.

More information about our congregation:

Foothills Unitarian Church is filled with compassionate, committed people who are only beginning to understand both the power of our existing ministries, as well as our potential for the future. We mean it when we say we like to be challenged, and that we want to work in partnership, and especially that we want the work to be fun as much as it is meaningful. We are learning the skills necessary to be open about differences in theology and ways of thinking, even while remaining connected to the core of this community which so many value so deeply.

Our senior minister of over 20 years retired in June 2014, and in November 2015 we called the Rev. Gretchen Haley (who had been serving as our Associate Minister since 2012) as our new Senior Minister. The candidacy process clarified and energized our commitment to being a dynamic, creative, justice-seeking and faith-filled Unitarian Universalist congregation, with an eye towards being the church for the emerging future. This energy is exemplified in the work we’re currently doing to clarify our mission, re-work our governance structure, set new long range plans, and strengthen nearly all of our ministries and programming – all in service of aligning our systems, structures and facilities with the large church we have become.

We are coming to understand and embrace our role as leaders in our wider community, and are excited about the possibility of establishing a multi-site network of UU communities across Northern Colorado – something we’ve been experimenting with in a partnership with the UU Church of Greeley in this past church year.

In the recently completed survey and discovery process, it was clear that there is a great diversity of beliefs, with as many people who relate to traditional religious concepts such as “God” as who are uncomfortable with such language. Beyond Unitarian Universalism, the primary religious traditions that influence us are Humanism and Buddhism, but we are eager to explore lessons from all wisdom traditions.

Our new Senior Minister is passionate about creating a culture that embraces a constructivist orientation to theology and becoming a laboratory for progressive theology grounded in covenant. Our aspiration is to create a culture where we are less inclined to name the “boxes” of our theological perspectives than we are to discover and create together a living theology that flows from the Unitarian Universalist tradition, and is explicitly and implicitly integrated into all we do together, and into our members’ lives.

The members and friends of Foothills Unitarian Church are very proud of our community and optimistic for its future. This is congregation that wants to make a difference and have even greater impact in the wider community. We look forward to finding an assistant minister who will work in partnership with us and companion us in the journey as we experience together the transformative process of becoming the church and people we are called to be.

Check out more information about us at