Information about Upcoming Sunday Services

Foothills uses a theme-based ministry, which allows us to delve deeply into a theological theme or question over the course of a month.  Generally most Sundays will be exploring the month’s theme in one way or another.  If there’s something you should know about a given Sunday, you can find it here – sometimes we’ll offer a video invitation or some other creative way to help us walk together on our shared journey.

If you don’t see anything particularly listed, it simply means that you can expect a relatively “regular” Sunday at Foothills….we’ll light a chalice, give thanks for our lives, sing together, often hear from our choir or another person or group offering their musical gifts, hear a sermon, hold our community and our wider world in our hearts, and focus our attention on what matters most.  We hope all will join us on this journey of the spirit and gather together in community as often as possible – for we are stronger in our gathering, and we need one another. Learn more about worship in Unitarian Universalism here

November Theme: What does it mean to be a community of story? 

  • Sunday November 6th, 9 and 11 am: Selfie, Selfie, Self, Sean Neil-Barron, preaching
  • Sunday November 13th, 9 and 11 am: Waking Up, Rev. Gretchen Haley preaching
  • Thursday November 17th, 6:00 pm: Storied Lives: Vespers Contemplative Service
  • Sunday November 20th, 9 and 11 am: Stories of Our Heartsongs – All Church Sunday with Sean Neil-Barron, Ryan Marvel and Eleanor Van Deusen
  • Sunday November 27th, 9 and 11 am: Story of Our Faith, Sean Neil-Barron preaching

December Theme: What does it mean to be a community of presence?

  • Sunday December 4th, 9 and 11 am, Eyes to See, Ears to Hear, Rev. Gretchen Haley preaching, our adult choir will sing
  • Sunday December 11th, 9 and 11 am, When God Has a Body, Rev. Gretchen Haley, preaching
  • Sunday December 18th, 9 and 11 am: All Music All Ages Sunday, featuring our adult and children’s choirs
  • Thursday December 22nd, 6 pm: Winter Solstice Vespers Contemplative Service, featuring our Madrigal Choir
  • Saturday December 24th at 5 and 7 pm: All Ages Christmas Eve Service with Rev. Haley, Sean Neil-Barron, Eleanor Van Deusen and Ryan Marvel
  • Saturday December 24th at 9 pm: Christmas Eve Service, with Rev. Gretchen Haley and Ryan Marvel
  • Sunday December 25th at 9:00 am: Christmas Morning Service led by Sean Neil-Barron, followed by a Christmas Brunch
  • Sunday January 1st, 9 and 11 am, The Limitless Light, Rev. Gretchen Haley preaching

In January, February, March and April of the coming year we will be exploring a worship series format in lieu of the Soul Matters themes.  We feel this will allow us to better serve our community and its needs during this particular moment in our nation and community.  Here is the general plan for those Sundays, subject to change….

First Worship Series: Universalism.

  • Sunday January 8th, 9 and 11 am, Sean Neil-Barron preaching
  • Sunday January 15th, 9 and 11 am, Rev. Gretchen Haley preaching, all church Sunday
  • Sunday January 22nd, 9 and 11 am, Sean Neil-Barron preaching
  • Sunday January 29th, 9 and 11 am, Rev. Gretchen Haley preaching
  • Sunday February 5th, 3 service experiment begins, times TBD, Rev. Gretchen Haley preaching
  • Sunday February 12th, 3 services, times TBD, Rev. Gretchen Haley preaching
  • Sunday February 19th, 3 services, times TBD, off-series, topic TBD, Sean Neil-Barron
  • Sunday February 26th, 3 services, times TBD, off-series, topic TBD

Second Worship Series: How do we live together? 

  • Sunday March 5th, 3 services, times TBD
  • Sunday March 12th, 3 services, times TBD
  • Sunday March 19th, 3 services, times TBD
  • Sunday March 26th, 3 services, times TBD
  • Sunday April 2nd, 3 services, times TBD, off-series, guest minister

Third Worship Series: Heart-Opening Practices 

  • Sunday April 9th, 3 services, times TBD – Songs of the Heart
  • Sunday April 16th, 3 services, times TBD – Easter Sunday Service
  • Sunday April 23rd, 3 services, times TBD, Earth Day Services – Connecting in Nature
  • Sunday April 30th, 3 services, times TBD

In May we will return to two services