Give in Gratitude

“Giving brings happiness at every stage of its expression.  We experience joy at forming the intention to be generous, we experience joy in the actual act of giving something, and we experience joy in remembering the fact that we have given.” – Buddha, as referenced in the Moral Tales, a UUA Tapestry of Faith Religious Exploration Curriculum

In our congregation, we believe that giving allows us to break the cycle of getting-and-spending and instead transform it into a more humanizing cycle of giving and receiving – and passing it on.  We give in response to all that we have been given, offering our blessing in response to the ways that we are blessed.

We express our gratitude and our value of giving and generosity in many ways, including the ways we share our offering plate with our wider community, our direct giving to our congregation, as well as our spiritual practice of pledging to support the mission and vision of our congregation.  Additionally our religious exploration program allows us to regularly explore the role of money in our lives, and to better align our practices with money with our core values.

Money can be a “taboo” subject for some communities; but we are working to overcome this taboo so that we can all better what we say we care about with our actual practice of stewardship.

Join us in this important spiritual work made manifest in the world.  Thank you for giving in gratitude so that more of us can live in abundance.